EmSAT Math is a series of standardized Math tests based on current national and international standards.

EmSAT Math – Achieve

EmSAT Math Achieve is a college entry and placement test designed to assess the extent to which a student has the necessary mastery of the full breadth of math concepts by the end of cycle 3.This test is administered under secure conditions in certified test centers. Scores are used by the receiving institutions for admission into different degree programs. Students will take the test which aligns with their track of study, either General Track, Advanced Track or any equivalent.

EmSAT Math – Advantage

EmSAT Math Advantage is a series of tests designed to assess the extent to which students are meeting developmental expectations in mathematics. The tests are administered to students in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. The content reflects the expected ability of the students in the specific grade being tested.