Emirati students must register in the national assessment test system. In addition, they must be registered in the NAPO system to be granted admission to federal colleges and universities. The registration for EmSAT does not replace registration with NAPO. Expatriates should register through the national assessment system only, and may not register with NAPO.

  Students may change their exam date if necessary, but should keep under consideration the fact that registration will close 2 weeks in advance of a test date. After the close of registration, students will not be able to change or cancel their exam, and will be required said test or being considered absent.

 students will not be permitted to take an exam if they arrive 15 minutes or more after the starting time listed on their ticket. They will be considered as absent from this test.

 for each exam, students must bring with them a copy of their test ticket, plus their original Emirates / National ID (copies or screen shots will not be accepted). Otherwise, the student will not be permitted to sit the test and will be considered absent for that exam.

 if a student does not attend an exam for any reason, he / she will not be able to register for the exam at a later date, except in special circumstances (sickness, urgent family issue, etc.). Students with special circumstances must submit an appeal to the Director of National and International Assessment, with a detailed explanation of the circumstances, in order to repeat the test. If the Director accepts the reasons for the appeal, an additional exam attempt will be granted to the candidate.

 exam grades will be expunged from the system if a student cheats or is caught attempting to cheat, and they will not be able to register or attend any subsequent exams for the next academic year.

 students will be able to view their test results on the national assessment test system 3 weeks after a test administration. EmSAT scores are valid for 18 months after a test administration.