EmSAT Policies

  1. Change of Registration Policy: Registration for exam dates and shifts may be changed by the student, if necessary. However, registration for any exam locks two weeks before the date of the exam. Once an exam date is locked, this registration may not be changed or cancelled, and the student will be required to attend this exam session.
  2. Late Policy:
  3. Students who are more than 15 minutes late for any exam session will not be admitted into the exam room, and will be considered absent for their exam.
  4. Required Documents Policy: Students must bring a printed copy of their exam ticket and their original Emirates ID (photocopies will not be accepted). Students failing to bring both their ticket and their ID will not be accepted into the exam room, and will be considered absent for their exam.
  5. Absence Policy: If a student is absent from an exam session for any reason, they will not be eligible to register for any subsequent exams. However, in the case of exceptional circumstances (illness, family emergency, etc.), the student may submit an appeal to the National Assessment Unit, explaining the nature of the exceptional circumstances in detail. These appeals will be reviewed in June by the Head of the National Assessment Unit, and if accepted, the student will notified about a special Appeal Exam session to be held in the summer months.
  6. Cheating Policy: Students caught cheating will have their score disallowed. Such students are not eligible to register for or attend further administrations of EmSAT exams in the current academic year. The decision to disallow EmSAT score will form a permanent part of the student’s NAPO record.
  7. Score Validity Policy:EmSAT exams will be valid for 1 calendar year from the date of the exam session. After 1 year, the exam score “expires” and may not be used for admissions or placement into higher education institutions.