EmSAT for the Academic Year 2018-2019:

EmSAT Achieve Test:

The test is compulsory for grade 12 Emirati students in government and private schools.
The test is also compulsory for non-Emirati students studying in government and private schools that study the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
The test is compulsory for grade 12 Emiratis and non-Emirati students attending government continuing education (Adult Education).
The test is compulsory for Emirati students in private schools that study the international curricula.
The test is compulsory for Emirati and non-Emirati students if they would like to continue their studies in the government or private university in the country.
If the student is a special need student, he should send a certified medical report on his health status and submit it on the “contact us” page on the website.
If the student has a special case that prevents him from holding an Emirates identity card for any reason, he must send the identification papers and an approved document explaining why the identity card is not available and submit it on the “contact us” page on the website.
The EmSAT test is compulsory for university admission in government and private universities and colleges.
The EmSAT test is also one of the degree equivalency requirements for international private school students.
The EmSAT test is a requirement for many scholarships through higher education institutions in the country.
Students who are expected to apply for National Service must ensure that the test is completed before the date of joining the service.

EmSAT Advantage Test:
EmSAT tests for primary and secondary schools will be run in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. Subjects to be tested are Arabic, English, Math, and Science. These tests will be running from 3rd February through 28 February in selected public schools across the country. Participating schools will be informed.

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