How many times can I take the EmSAT test?

Student are required to take EmSAT tests once only. In some circumstances students may be allowed a second test for English only. Details regarding second attempts will be announced at a later date and students will be informed directly by the National Assessment Unit.

What is a passing mark in EmSAT?

There is no ‘pass or fail’ in EmSAT. However, different colleges or employers may set their own minimum or maximum score for admissions or placement purposes.

How long are EmSAT tests?

The EmSAT tests vary in length depending on the level and subject area. Please see the appropriate tab on our website for specific assessment information.

What colleges and universities use EmSAT scores?

Institutions use EmSAT scores include:

  • UAEU
  • Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Zayed University
  • Khalifa University
  • University of Sharjah
  • Université Mohammed V
  • Fatima College of Health Science
  • ADPoly

Who is the EmSAT achieve for?

All Emirati Grade 12 students in both public and private schools are required to take the English, Math and Physics EmSAT tests. In addition, all non-Emirati Grade 12 students studying in both public and private schools using the MOE curriculum are required to take the English test.

Do I need to apply for the three EmSAT Achieve Tests at the same time( English, Math and Physics)?

No, It is not necessary to apply for the three EmSAT Achieve Tests at the same time, you can apply for each one separately and choose different days and time for testing. Please note that you should register for the English test first.

What are the documents/ papers that I need to bring with me on the test day?

You can’t be tested unless you bring your original Emirates ID and a hard copy of the test ticket.

When will the EmSAT results be announced?

EmSAT results will be announced three weeks after the test. You will receive an sms massage informing you that the results are available in your account in the test portal, kindly note that the results will not be shared by email or posted on any other media.

Where the EmSAT achieve will be conducted?

The EmSAT centers are distributed across the UAE as below:

The table will be updated, please press the link below to see the updated table

How long is an EmSAT score valid for Grade 12 students?

A score is valid for one year (365 calendar days) from the date of your test.

What EmSAT tests are required for Grade 12 students?

EmSAT English, Mathematics and Physics are required for students seeking admission to the federal institutions during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Which should I do first - register for NAPO or register for the EmSAT?

First, complete the initial portal registration for NAPO. After your initial demographic information and documentation are uploaded and approved, you will be able to register for your EmSAT tests while you are completing the rest of your complete NAPO application.

When will I get my results?

You will be notified when your results are ready on the portal. Results will also be made available to federal institutions at the same time.

Will I get my result by email?

No. Your test results will only be available to you through the portal.

Can I use a calculator on the math and physics tests?

Calculators are available on the computer during the tests. You may not use your own calculator.

Is paper provided?

If scratch paper is needed, it will be made available at the test center. No papers will be permitted to leave a test center.