• The student must wear mask and gloves before entering the test center.
• Student’s temperature will be measured and he will pass against the thermal camera and any student who shows symptoms similar to the corona symptoms will be prevented from entering the test room.
• The necessity of bringing the Emirates ID even if it is expired, the digital ID will be accepted.
• Family members are not allowed to enter the test center and no family member is allowed to be in the waiting rooms.
• Commitment to the social distance of two meters between the student and others.
• The student should leave the test center once the exam is completed and will not be allowed to wait at the center.
• The student must bring his own calculator to the math and Physics exams or use the computer’s calculator as it will not be provided by the center.
• The student should try to reduce the holdings they bring to the center and bring the most important ones only.

 • Yes, candidates must provide the Test Center a negative (PCR) COVID-19  test result for a time frame no later than two weeks on Alhoson mobile app. And If there was any positive test the applicant should provide two negative test results before registering in the test.

 • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or rub them with an alcohol based hand cleaner that can kill viruses that may be on your hands.
• Keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) between you and anyone who coughs or sneezes.
• When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with bent elbow or a paper tissue and discard the used tissue immediately.
• Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands.
• Avoid shaking hand and just wave.
• Avoid nose-to-nose greeting, and avoid hugging or kissing others.
• Avoid direct dealing with animals.
• Get enough rest and drink a lot of liquids.

The student will be given the opportunity to repeat only two of the four basic subjects ((Arabic + Mathematics + English + Physics) in July.

Registration for the test is as follows:

• Public school students: Through the school coordinator.

• Home-learners: Continuing Education Centers and Happiness Centers.

• Continuing Education students – Adult Education: Continuing Education Centers.

  Students Appling for Emirates standard Test “EmSAT- Achieved” must check the following:
1- Students who have not yet decided to enroll in higher education or who are enrolled in educational institutions that are not accredited by the National and International Assessment Department. The application will be through EmSAT official website “emsat.moe.gov.ae” by clicking on the “Contact Us” icon and selecting the “Graduates of previous year’s registration” field. And filling in the required data.

2- Students enrolled in higher education institutions accredited by the National Examination- EmSAT Administration, they must go to the Admission and Registration Department at the institute to inquire about how to register for the test in accordance with the approved requirements.

 The school coordinator must send a certificate of continuing study that is signed and attested by the school principal to the email of National Assessments (emsat.register@moe.gov.ae) requesting the reactivation of the account of a former student.
Note that the student’s EmSAT scores of the previous year will be deleted and that the student has no right to claim them.

 When the number of students who registered for the test is sufficient for the testing centers, the students find that s/he cannot apply for the same date. Therefore, s/he has to follow up on her/ his platform periodically or wait until a notification of opening new testing sessions is sent to her / him through text messages and the email registered in the system. The student can get information about the scheduled test dates for this academic year beforehand via this link: http://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/emsat_achieve_ar.aspx

Previous year’s graduates can apply for the Emirates Standard Test result / certificate through the official website of the Ministry of Education via e-services - “Issue an EmSAT certificate for non-current Grade 12 students” using the following link:
Issue an EmSAT certificate for non-current Grade 12 students (moe.gov.ae)

For follow-up inquiries about results and certificates, contact the following e-mail: ccc.moe@moe.gov.ae

 Yes, as the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) is a prerequisite for university admission in government higher education institutions, national students and children of local citizens should register at NAPO.

  Yes, students who are expected to join the National Service should make sure that they had the test according to the test policy mentioned on the website and they have to adhere to all the procedures related to grade 12 test for the academic year.
 The student should arrive at least 30 minutes before the test to confirm the registration and identification process. If the student exceeds the specified period of time to arrive at the testing center, s/he will not be allowed to take the test and will be marked absent.

 The test duration of time varies according to the subject being tested. For more information, please see the EmSAT test specifications at this link: http://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/emsat_achieve_ar.aspx

  Navigation between questions varies depending on the test subject:
1. In (Arabic and English) tests, students may be able to move back or forward inside the same section if its time is not up.
2. In (Arabic and English) tests, students cannot go back to the questions when the time for each section is up.
3. As for other EmSAT subjects, students can move between the questions until the time of each question is up, because those tests do not have sections as in Arabic and English EmSAT tests.

 The student should check with the institution or the university to be enrolled in to find out the requirements and scores required for their admission.

 As EmSAT tests assess students’ skills and concepts in specific subjects, they do not have a pass or fail mark. However, some universities may require a minimum score for admission purposes.

• In case the student was absent after registering the subject and selecting a specific date for the first test without an acceptable excuse, s/he would be marked absent. S/He will not be able to register again for the subjects which s/he was absent from until a chance for re-taking the test is open.

• In case of an approved excuse (illness or family emergency), the student should apply for an excuse for not being able to take the test on the Department’s website (Contact us webpage). The student should click on unable to attend providing detailed explanation along with an attachment such as a medical report or a sick leave issued from a governmental hospital and attested by the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the Health Authority….etc. Accordingly, her/ his application will be reviewed and s/he will be informed of the decision and action taken.

The student is advised to take the test on the specified date to ensure that s/he does not miss the opportunity of taking the test when it is time for university admission.

 EmSAT Arabic test is not mandatory for non- Arabic-speaking students unless the student wishes to take the test, if it is a requirement for university or college admission. Therefore, the student has to check the admission criteria of universities or colleges.

• No, it is not necessary to take all EmSAT tests on the same day.
• Students can take each test individually at different times and places depending on the student's wishes and the scheduled test dates.
• Students must register for the English test first in order to complete the registration for the remaining tests.

The original Emirati ID or the original passport and a hard copy of the test ticket.

You will not be allowed to take your EmSAT test unless you bring your original UAE ID or the original passport and a hard copy of the test ticket.

 The results of the EmSAT Achieve test will be announced after 22 days (three weeks) from taking the test. An email will inform students that the results are available on their accounts on their portal. The results will not be posted or shared to any other channel and students must access their account on their portal only.

  EmSAT Achieve test centers are distributed throughout the UAE. Please see the section of the test centers located on the EmSAT page, or see the link below: http://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/Test_Centers.aspx

 EmSAT Achieve test results are valid for 18 months from the test day, whereas the EmSAT certificate for the 2016 – 2017 students will be valid for one year only.

 Yes, in case a student needs paper, test centers will provide them, but it is not allowed to take any paper outside the testing room.

 Yes, retaking the test is available to students who wish to do so as scheduled and according to the approved test policies of the National and International Assessment Department. The test date will be announced ahead of time to inform students who want to register.

 The test is available in Arabic and English. The student can choose the language suitable for her/him.

 Yes, all Emirati grade 12 students have to apply for the EmSAT test in English language.
For more information about the targeted students, please see the link below:

 Yes, it is allowed to use the calculator during the test without limitations to a specific type.
• To describe the student’s level in English, EmSAT scores can be compared to the IELTS bands as shown in the table below.

• The EmSAT test of the English language uses the domains from C2 to A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) bands as shown in the table below:

EmSAT English CEFR and IELTS Equivalencies

EmSAT CEFR   EmSAT IELTS Academic Track
2000< C2 1925-2000 8
1625-1975 C1 1800-1900 7.5
1250-1600 B2 1675-1775 7
875-1225 B1 1550-1650 6.5
500-850 A2 1400-1525 6
125-475 A1 1250-1375 5.5
  1100-1225 5
950-1075 4.5
825-925 4
800> *

 Schools that are willing to register or update the data of the EmSAT Coordinators at schools must apply through emsat.moe.gov.ae by clicking on the “Contact Us” icon, selecting the “Register / Update School Coordinator Data” field, and entering the required data.

• The school coordinator registers students of determination on the registration system of EmSAT.
• Please select (Special Need) when registering the student using the card-reader and attach an attested medical report from an official authority in the country. Accordingly, the case will be studied by the competent department and the decision will be issued regarding the student.

 The school must send an email with all its details to the Emirates Standardized Test mail (emsat.register@moe.gov.ae) where the school will be added and then the school will be able to register their students.

 The coordinator or guardian must access the “Contact Us” page on the official website of the National Assessments Department and select the checkbox (Application for Non-Emirates ID Holders / Special Case). S/He submits the application where the student’s case will be studied, registered or communicated via email in case of any shortage of paper.

 If the student registers early for the test, s/he can change or cancel the date and place of the test if necessary, bearing in mind that this feature will be closed 12 days before the scheduled test date. After that, the student will not be able to change the date or cancel her/his application for the test, and must attend it. If the student does not attend, s/he will be marked absent. The EmSAT policy of absence will be applied on her/him.

• An application should be sent via e-mail to the National and International Assessment Department to register for the test emsat.register@moe.gov.ae

• The Emirati student studying abroad should also contact Student Guidance and Registration Administration to register in the NAPO system.